What is “sufficient marketing” for an auction?

Auctions should be advertised (or marketed) sufficiently. As well, auctions should not be advertised insufficiently. So, what’s sufficiently? What’s insufficiently? Most auctioneers would likely conclude that an auction was advertised sufficiently if t ...


2020 NC Sales Tax Regulations for Auctioneers

In 2017-2018 Wayfair vs South Dakota was decided that changed the landscape of the Saled Tax Collection World. We have put this together to help auctioneers understand the Sales Tax Requirements for them. If you have questions, please send them to matt ...


Two items of interest coming soon!

Two items of interest are coming around the corner shortly. 2020 NC COVID-19 Survey NC Sales Tax Regulations for Auctioneers These will be presented online here as well as video on facebook.


North Carolina Sales Tax Update

Sales and Use Tax Division Page 1 of 4 February 6, 2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE: AUCTIONEERS Effective February 1, 2020, an auctioneer that meets the definition of a marketplace facilitator and either of the thresholds described below must collect and remit s ...


The Coming Estate Sale Implosion

By Matt Price, Price Auctions & Estates As storage facilities and estate sale professionals are finding out, things are not bringing in as much money as they were in the past.   The cause is a combination of things.  First, an economy that is steam ...


Are you a Fidiuary?

An important note to fiduciaries: Auctioneers have are hired daily in order to sell items inside and outside of estates. They are fiduciaries just like an Executor of a will. Consider these important facts before making your decision: An Auctioneer c ...