AANC Auxiliary Scholarship Application

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be a close relative of a current active auxiliary member (to be determined at the discretion of the scholarship committee and the Board of Directors) that has been in good‐standing for at least five (5) years,
  2. Applicant must have been accepted to a college, university, vocational school, or a school of higher education or must be a student at a college, university or a school of higher education.
  3. Students can receive the scholarship only once.
  4. Please submit three letters of recommendation from the following:
    1. Educational Reference (Teacher or Coach)
    2. Employer or Community Leader
    3. Counselor, Advisor, Principal
  5. Transcripts from your current school.

Please Print this application and mail it with the letters, transcripts, and all other documentation before the March 31 deadline to:

AANC Auxiliary Scholarship Committee
C/O Auxiliary Vice President
P.O. Box 41368
Raleigh, NC 27628

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