Are you a Fidiuary?

An important note to fiduciaries:

Auctioneers have are hired daily in order to sell items inside and outside of estates. They are fiduciaries just like an Executor of a will. Consider these important facts before making your decision:

  • An Auctioneer can sell all of the art and collectibles in your client’s estate, unlike estate tag companies who may purchase the items for less than pennies on the dollar. Most of the time they will typically sell the less expensive objects in bulk, or offload them to auctioneers catering primarily to dealers.
  • Approximately 75% of items at auctions sell to retail collectors, the highest percentage by far of all major auction houses.
  • Collectors rarely buy in bulk, but tend to buy exactly what they want and are willing to pay much more than dealers. Many Estate Tag Companies will discount it well below auction pricing to get rid of it rather than sell it at top dollar.
  • Unlike most Estate Tag Companies, Auctioneers focus most of their marketing directly to private collectors through direct mail and the Internet.

Simply put, if you are liquidating a major estate and do not get a proposal from an AANC Member, you are likely to cost your clients a significant amount of money.

Worldwide Internet presence translates into realizing the highest prices at auction for your consigned property. This means your material will be viewed by far more qualified bidders, multiples more, when consigned to an AANC member auctioneer.

North Carolina auctioneers utilize leading online bidding platforms and host a wide variety of top quality auction houses. Member Auctioneers are there to help people acquire wonderful items and when they are ready, at an appropriate time of their choosing, assist them in selling via the multiple platforms available.

Check the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina website for a member auctioneer near you.

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