Each year since 1973, selected members of the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina Auxillary have been recognized and appreciated for their outstanding contributions to the profession of Auctioneering and to the AANC. These “Hall of Fame Award” recipients are represented in honor with a plaque, their name added to the hall of fame plaque, and placed on our website as inductees for their untiring devotion to the profession of auctioneering.

If you know a worthy candidate for this prestigious award, please download the following application and turn it into our Board of Directors.

Application can be found here.

Honoree NameYear Inducted
Craig Lawing1979
Teague Gilbert1979
Kenneth Teague1980
Hugh Simpson1982
Ben Hoffmeyer1983
Bob Cline1984
Bernard Routh1985
John Sutton1986
Harvey Tate1987
Forest Mendenhall1987
Phil Viviano1988
Terry Ireland1988
Lonnie Troutman1989
W.R. Lutz1989
Billy Kennedy1990
Tony Stone1990
Ron Faison1991
William Langley1991
Bracky Rogers1992
Jack Worley1992
Josie Graves1993
Gilbert Hollifield1993
J. Martin Haywood1994
Tom McInnis1994
C.D. Maxwell1995
Morris Fuqua1996
Ernest Curlee1997
Bill Lilly2001
Bill Forbes2001
Harry Mullis2002
Mark Rogers2003
Hugh Pate2003
Tony Gilbert2004
Bill O’Neal2005
Wayne Mendenhall2006
Fred Mullis2006
Jimmy Johnson2007
Ivan Broadwell 2008
Betty O’Neal2009
Joel Isley2009
Edmund Huntley2011
Gary Boyd2011
John Loy Jr.2011
Bobby Cavenaugh2012
Roy Haigler2013
Eli Detweiler2014
Walter House2015
Phil Burleson2019