AANC Mission Statement:

"To provide education and communication for the auctioneer and the public in order to promote the auction method of marketing"

Todays Auctioneer needs to act like a media company


In today’s digital age, auctioneers will find their success not in being an auctioneer or any of the designations, it is understanding that as a Professional Auctioneer, you are a media maker.  The more noise that you make about your client’s property – the more focused buyers you will bring to the forefront.  The fact of the matter is that once you are licensed – there is no reason to do anything other than act like a media company in today’s digital age.


Think about it – never before have brands (the companies that make the products) and secondary markets completed at such furor in the same marketplaces.   At one point in time it was thought that eBay was the enemy, but as they found out – personal property is not that lucrative – so they have moved to a more Amazon and brick and mortar type of store.  There are a plenty of places out there that are just like eBay that are trying to lure your timed auction folks away to them.  But their competition is as well, going to be the manufacturers.

There does seem to be one thing that is standard across the board – and that is your brand.  Is it enough to sell items to the general public?  Sure they know about Nike, Adidas, John Deere, IBM, Dell, Chevrolet and a myriad of other brands – but what about YOUR brand?

Never before have brands and consumers had the ability to create and consume content at scale. Because of the iPhone and the internet, and social media, anyone can produce and distribute. Just 15 years ago, if you wanted to create a commercial to promote your brand, you would need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on media and marketing. Today, you can literally use your smartphone, record a 2 minute clip and run ads on Facebook. The cost of entry has dropped 100 fold.

It does not matter if you are new to the branding game or an old hat – your brand success is determined by the participation of the folks who consume your brand.  When you are an auctioneer, you have to have the mentality of a media company.

Show me your day-to-day process, interview your employees, and interview your mom. Create a selfie on Instagram. Write three sentences about the news in your industry. Share and re-share other’s posts. All you have to do is start.

If you are thinking like a media company and or a publisher, then you are going to start prioritizing your brand. No amount of marketing is going to sell a horrible product. But brand is everything if you are trying to create a business of value.

The content you produce doesn’t even need to be related to your product. You can post your favorite articles saying “these are the articles you need to read” You can post about the weather, the news, your users, yourself! As long as you are focused on bringing value to the end consumer, you are going to build reputation and relationship.

It also creates a culturally relevant piece of content that humanizes the brand and builds relationships. So not every word out of “Pat the Plumber’s” mouth is about 50% off sink repairs.

People sometimes underestimate distribution. Content is not always enough. Everyone can create something interesting, but if no one ever sees it, it becomes irrelevant.