AANC Job Board

 Name   Phone   Location   Available   Jobs 
Waheed Tijani 336-456-7238 NC, SC, VA Anytime Auctioneer, Ringmen, Bid Assistant. General Help for your Auction
Scott Matthews 910-590-7012 NC By Appointment Auctioneer, Ringman, Bid Caller
Derek Beane 336-465-3430 Statewide Weekends and by appt. Auctioneer, Bid Caller, Ringman, Setup
Becky Tarlton 704-633-2564 NC, SC, VA Anytime Auctioneer, Ringman, Bid Assistant, Grinder, Auction set up, preview and checkout
Leonard Hines 336-228-8729 Piedmont Nights & Weekends Bid Caller, Ringman, General Help For Your Auction
Matt Price 919-614-6288 RTP Weekends and by appt. Bid Caller, Ringman, General help